Why Daydreamers May Become Visionaries

Need a whole brain workout? Try daydreaming and imagining solving in the future.

In this nifty research from Harvard, researchers found that college volunteers imagining future scenarios and solving problems there activated both the default network (also know as the "daydreaming network") and executive function brain regions. So it's daydreaming with a purpose.

The default or daydreaming network includes multiple bilateral brain areas that are turned down when external attention switches on.

May that's why many visionary personalities are often recalled as daydreamers in their childhood (and adulthood too if the truth be known) ...Maybe they were building better visionary brains in their youths while other more externally attentive children weren't.  Wouldn't it be a pity if we don't give children time to boost their default networks?

One famous daydreamer in history was Isaac Newton: "Growing up Isaac barely maintained average grades and often lacked attention in school. Villagers looked upon his daydreaming, habits of reading for hours at a time, and keeping records of his interests as mere eccentricity.."

Isaac Newton also had the dubious honor of losing a horse that he was leading because he had been reading a book at the same time...

Solving Future Problems - Default Network, Executive Function, and Mental Simulations
Daydreaming Brain
Isaac Newton


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