Take a Brain Break or Nap to Boost Your Memory & learning

Researchers at UC Berkeley found that taking a short nap, improved learning by 10%. NYU researchers at right found that providing a 'rest' period before a memory task improved learning efficiency and blood flow in to the hippocampus.

All this makes great sense, but for most of us, naptime is over in Kindergarten.

Well, at least most places. Google seems to have recognized the importance of taking a rest for boosting general brain efficiency. At left is a nap pod that blocks light and sound at Google headquarters in Mountain View.

The importance of taking a break shouldn't be lost on classroom (or home-based) teachers. Instead of grinding it out lessons, reinforcing points, and trying to cover as much as possible, our students will remember more if we interrupt our lectures with little pauses or diversions and take more breaks!

Brain Break to Boost Associative Memory pdf

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