Bill Passed to Improve Dyslexia Instruction in Washington State

Good news for dyslexic students and their families in Washington state - Senate Bill 6016 establishes:

1. An educational program for identifying and addressing the academic needs (reading, writing, and spelling) of dyslexic students.

2. Develop a "Dyslexia Handbook" for Washington state (modeled after other state handbooks)

3. Each educational district must report to the superintendent for public instruction to account for the number of individuals being trained in dyslexia programs.

Washington schools fall woefully short in their understanding of dyslexia and dyslexic students - this legislation is very needed. Although dyslexia may be the most common learning disability, in our practice it is often missed or misdiagnosed as poor effort, low intelligence, or attention deficit disorder.

An example of another state's dyslexia handbook can be found here: Dyslexia Handbook for Texas pdf

Dyslexia Bill for Washington State

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  1. The Texas handbook was printed in 2001 How has the implementation been?

    Other states , I am thinking of Ca. , have passed laws about dyslexia evaluation for every student
    with little or no follow up in reality.

    It is almost funny, in a sad way, that after years of doing nothing when a bill was passed to evaluate every child in kindergarten for dyslexia another bill was passed to change the non-existent testing to first grade because not every child attended kindergarten.

    Years after failing to test first grade students for dyslexia , dyslexia evaluation was changed to dyslexia by definition. A child is considered to be dyslexic when they fall 2 grade levels behind in reading skills.

    I mention the obvious to say that without identification there are no dyslexics to worry about.