Outgrowing ADHD?

From the NIMH: "A genetic variation that boosts risk for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) paradoxically appears to predict who will grow out of the learning disability. Scientists found that brain development in ADHD-afflicted children with this variation was out of whack at age 8 but normalized by 16. ADHD symptoms in this group were also more likely to disappear with age."

Isn't that interesting? But also don't forget that finding that young gifted kids were more likely to have a late blooming pattern in terms of their frontal cortical development (executive function). So how should this impact our expectations? our educational process? or medical treatments?

Outgrowing ADHD? (Thanks, HT: 2E Newsletter)
Eide Neurolearning Blog: Biology of Late Bloomers

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  1. This research is very exciting. We are getting closer to a fuller understanding of what causes ADHD.

    The comfort that my child might grow out it is one thing, worrying about what they will miss out on in the meantime is something quite different. As a Dad I couldn’t possibly take that gamble, if poor concentration stops my child learning that is a serious issue, if because of ADHD symptoms my child is distressed or even gets into trouble - that has to be avoided if at all possible.

    Thankfully there are medical free things that can be done from the age of 7 and upwards that makes an enormous difference to ADHD symptoms - my advice to all parents is don’t gamble on them growing out of it by 16.