Flash from the Present: "After her pet hamster died, she decided...

After her pet hamster after it died, she decided to dig it up "to see what it looked like." Her mother bemoaned her "one track mind", and her first instinct upon learning that her cat miscarried was to run downstairs for the microscope.

Who was this non-squeamish young scientist? This was Linda Buck, Nobel Prize winner last year in Physiology / Medicine. We also had a friend who postdoc'ed in her lab, and she said she was nice person too. If you want to check out an article on her called "Igniting the Spark", scroll down the page at the link below. In her Nobel prize autobiography, she recalled a happy unstructured life where she could pursue her own interests. Mom and Dad certainly seemed to have hand in this too - she did word puzzles with her mother, credits her appreciation of music and beauty to her mother, and competence with power tools and building from engineer dad.

Igniting the Spark
Nobel Prize winner Linda Buck Autobiography

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