Efficacy of Working Memory Training for ADHD

Exciting research from Sweden finds that a 5 week computer-based training program in visual working memory, resulted in 60% of non-medicated children diagnosed with ADHD no longer meeting clinical criteria. The Karolinska researchers have already founded a biotech company and a collaborative U.S. based project (NYU) is in the works.

Check out the Scientific American article here. This latest article is not yet available under free access, but an earlier paper by this group involving working memory training can be seen here. Their company is Cogmed.

Why is the the United States so behind in computer-based training for memory and attention? Good question. Even fairly simple behavioral treatment (the Multimodal Behavioral treatment study involved social skills teaching at a summer camp, no working memory training) seems to be as effective as high dose stimulant medication.

Also, Toronto schools have begun to introduce working memory training techniques in the classroom. Some of these methods would be easy to implement here in the U.S. at home or at schools.

(HT: Rob Sperry)


  1. Anonymous12:25 PM

    I would like to find some material on working memory training for my son. Any ideas? Cogmed only works with clinics and their website says that it is NOT available in the US except in some research labs.


    rjv5 at georgetown dot edu

  2. Anonymous12:42 AM

    You may be interested in a couple of interviews, now that Cogmed is available in a number of US clinics:

    - Interview with Dr. Torkel Klingberg, scientist behind Cogmed Working Memory Training

    - Interview with Dr. David Rabiner, leading ADD/ ADHD researcher


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