Money, Motivation, ADHD, and the Brain

Often a child who's brought in for ADHD testing impresses us more by their 'big' personality than inattentiveness. These kids may be Mr. or Mrs. Personality - bright, witty, charismatic, and engaging, but lost and adrift in the mob of the classroom. In many respects, these kids seem like born leaders and entrepreneurs - but they don't have anything to lead yet, and they haven't seen examples of what they want to be. The K-12 years are too long to go without finding their special gift. Lets face it, too, many teachers and parents are not the right people to go to if you want to learn about entrepreneurship. You also won't find much more in conventional textbooks or off-the-rack curricula.

Do you know of a child like this? If so, you might have to look carefully to provide them with the role models that fire up their imagination or mentors who might encourage them along the way.

The following brain studies show an interesting possibility too- when Bush's and Hommer's figures are placed side-by-side, it seem that a money reward could be just the ideal incentive to activate the 'dark' area of ADHD.

fMRI of Monetary Incentive
Stroop and ADHD


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  3. There is a close connection between brain and money. The cleverer you are, the more chances to earn more money you have. That's the way I think.

  4. Anonymous9:23 AM

    It doesn't have to be money specifically, but between the carrot and the stick, as an adult recently diagnosed, I can attest to a life of striving for the carrot and resenting/loathing the stick.