Monday, December 06, 2010

Smart Games! Better Reasoning and Speed - PC, Board, and Nintendo DS

They work!

From the Bunge Lab, computer and non-computer-based game training using 'smart' commercially available games resulted in dramatic improvements in reasoning and processing speed scores (or both) as measured on the TONI-3 (Test of Non Verbal Intelligence) or WISC-IV Coding.

Pretty cool. Just in time for Christmas. Thanks, Bunge lab.

Examples of Spatial Reasoning games - Rush Hour, Set. Examples of Speed games, Monkey Ball and Mario Kart. The kids were ages 7-10 years and the kids played about one hour twice a week for 8 weeks. During game time, they rotated between computer games, board games, and Nintendo DS. Testing took place at an economically-disadvantage school with low test scores.

It is true that many kids we see with very slow processing speeds don't like video games. But maybe these are just the ones to encourage to play...

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  1. Anonymous6:00 AM

    Great news! My son already plays and loves both Rush Hour and Set!