Monday, June 09, 2008

Aha! The Organized Mind

In this interesting paper from UC Davis and Berkeley, the we get a fascinating view into the requirements for keeping organized information "in mind". We all know people who are able to sustain good attention for items of interest, but who are completely overwhelmed or oblivious to organization. These are kids (or adults) who miss the forest for the trees, remember minutiae, but can't recall the big picture, and who struggle with representing the depth of their knowledge because they can't organize it in a form that others can quickly assimilate.

It turns out that there are different cortical areas for keeping information in mind and keeping it organized! And it may also be very interesting to parents and professionals of students with sensory processing disorders, that the site for organization is the superior parietal lobe.

The superior parietal lobe is an area with multisensory inputs converge and have to be organized. No wonder children with sensory dysfunction also struggle to organize what to see, hear, and otherwise learn.

A better understanding of what a students real struggles are - working memory, long term memory, organization - should provide a more effective way of helping him or her in school

Organization, Working Memory, and fMRI pdf
Eide Neurolearning Blog: Attention! It's Not All the Frontal Lobes

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