Thursday, May 24, 2007

High School's Not So Tough... Poor College Preparedness in ACT Report

The ACT has released its College Preparedness Study, Rigor at Risk, and education pundits are debating how the core curriculum of high school should be changed. High school isn't so tough, students seem to be taking and passing core curricula courses, but not learning enough to prepare them for entering college.

Only 1 out of 4 students seems adequately prepared in all areas, and look how poorly we're doing in Math and Science.

From a New York Times article covering the report:

"Kati Haycock, director of the Education Trust, another Washington-based group that advocates standard-setting, said that as she traveled around the country, she found many schools not offering challenging work.

“When you look at the assignments these kids get, it is just appalling,” she said. “A course may be labeled college-preparatory English. But if the kids get more than three-paragraph-long assignments, it is unusual. Or they’ll be asked to color a poster. We say ‘How about doing analysis?’ and they look at us like we are demented.”"

It's hard to know how public high school will try to respond to this latest challenge. With the latest news that more than half of graduating seniors wouldn't be able to pass math and or science tests, many states like Washington and Texas have moved to give reprieves to otherwise-passing seniors. Said Governor Christine Gregoire, "Our students cannot and will not be penalized because the state has failed to do its job."

Be back on the blog Monday, May 28th. I've got to help out with my daughter's medieval faire and have a million little paper model castle parts to pre-cut.

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