Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sensory Processing Disorder at Wired

In Wired Magazine, a father reflects here on his 6-year old son's struggles with sensory processing disorder and their quest for help. For appropriate children, therapy can dramatically improve sensory regulation and sensory-sensory and sensory-motor coordination, but FYI, some interventions mentioned in the article have a weak scientific or clinical rationale.

Excerpt: "As a software engineer, I see the human mind as a beautiful combination of software and hardware. That's why I'm trying to hack my son's brain...When you walk, you can't tell where your legs are, or whether your arms are swinging. Sometimes just keeping your balance is difficult. You exasperate people for doing things you're not even aware of, like bumping into them or not making eye contact."

Wired News: Hacking My Child's Brain
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