Monday, February 05, 2007

Flash from the Present: "My dad always told me...composure was more important than emotion..."

After taking a swing at a player who had repeatly hacked him in a high school basketball game, he was thrown out of the game. He had to endure his father's rebuke later: " 'What did you accomplish? Do you think you helped your team in the locker room?'

"I thought about it and said, 'No. I got my emotions out, but I didn't help my team...My dad had always told me … composure was more important than emotion. I think I finally learned that and really changed when I got to pro football."

Congratulations to Tony Dungy on being the first African-American coach to win the Super Bowl, and for the mastery of his emotions, and his good example at home, in his community, and on the playing field. From what everyone seems to say, he really is an example of composure and a very different model of an NFL coach. Dungy's father was a Tuskegee Airman and college science professor and his mother, a high school English teacher, and the family put a high value on education. For more on Dungy, check out the links below. The Dungy family has also suffered through the tragedy - they lost their eldest son to suicide in 2005.

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