Monday, January 08, 2007

How to raise a compassionate child -

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Excerpt:"It's part of day-to-day life: how you answer your child's questions, how you solve conflict at the park, how you nudge his or her growing capacity to understand and think about other people. Temperament of course plays a role -- some kids are naturally more tuned in to other people's feelings and difficulties, while others are a bit oblivious. Either way, you have influence in fostering your child's ability to empathize. Age by age, here's how to do so in small, daily doses..."

Points - Show how to be gentle, speak softly, reject rudeness, say "I'm sorry", provide structure, expect help, use manners to connect, outlaw name-calling, give consequences, be considerate yourself, don't trash talk, give pennies, assign chores, use stories, point out heroes, explore feelings, monitor media, expect more.

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How to raise a compassionate child -

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