Wednesday, October 04, 2006

We're Back!

We're back from our great adventure - met wonderful people and our brains are bubbling. Our kids were absolutely great, but we are all happy to be home.

The picture above was from of our visit with Henry Tenenbaum at KRON Channel 4 in San Francisco. He was a fabulous host and as nice off-camera as on. He took special care to make sure our kids got a chance to be on the set and watch how things worked in the control room. They were thrilled. It's now available on Google Video here: Eides on KRONTV Ch4

Looks like lots of articles and research to catch up on - including a trend study of high school sophomores (here showing increased demands for homework), reviews of Hothouse Kids here...young author's critique of overly ambitious parents, and research papers such as the study from Israel that found an increased risk of autism with advanced paternal age (Washington Post article here, Arch Gen Psych Abstract here.

We're still catching up - we'll try to return to our usual blogging schedule by the end of this week.


  1. Anonymous8:25 AM

    Hello Eides! Glad to see you're back and well.

    Just a suggestion... Instead of posting the quicktime file directly, send it to youtube or google video! Save on bandwith, and let them do the work. Would love to see it.

    - Dan (Neurofreak)

  2. Thanks, Dan!

    We were hoping to get some advice from you tekkies out there - I tried registering for YouTube, but I think (?) we're limited to 100 MB. The 8 minute clip came out to 14 GB on Quicktime.

    I will see what happens when I try to format it into Flash - and we'll post it if it becomes more manageable.

  3. Got it to work! You can watch our talk on Google Video at this link: Eides on KRONTV San Francisco