Friday, October 06, 2006

Visual: Popping into 3D

"...At the age of twenty-nine, I discovered it was connected with my eyes. How is it I never suspected, never complained, never spoke of it before? The answer, I guess, is that we tend to feel that all people see and feel things the way we do. At least, having nothing to compare it with, I assumed my vision was normal." - Jess Oppenheimer

We are prepping for our Vision Course at the Annual COVD Meeting in Phoenix Oct 26th, but also wanted to highlight the fact that Dr. Susan Barry and Lindsay Biel ( will presenting there as well. Dr. Barry, a neuroscientist at Mount Holyoke, has recently been profiled in The New Yorker (Stereo Sue) and now NPR here.

Though Dr. Barry was born with crossed-eyes, she never developed truly binocular vision because her eyes weren't surgically corrected until after the age of 2, and no one recommended visual rehabilitation / therapy.

That changed when Oliver Sacks recommended that she undergo vision therapy as she neared her 50th birthday, and Excerpt: "Well miracles do happen. Barry found out what it's like. And she wasn't imagining...the astonishing moment when against all expectations, Barry's vision suddenly -- after a half century --popped into 3-D...

Barry's experience, it turns out, is not unique. Apparently other people have spent their lives with visual deficits expected to last forever and, through various therapies suggested by their eye doctors, they say they have gotten back some of the sense they had lost."

It's exciting to see that the COVD has such an interdisciplinary conference. These presentations and course we're presenting require registration at the convention, but a free and open-to-the-public event is being scheduled for the evening of Oct 26th, if any of you will be in the area. This event will be Visual / Visual Perceptual because of its association with the COVD.

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NPR : Going Binocular: Susan's First Snowfall - 3D exercises, games, puzzles


  1. All I see in that picture is an ugly carpet. I can never see the pictures in those things. How come?

  2. Forgot to post a link to answer this question. Check here: Why Can't I see in 3D or for more diagrams here.

  3. OH COOL! Thanks for the link. Now I can find the picture if I start with my nose up against the monitor and slowly move back.

  4. It a pic of a short-horned dinosaur