Friday, October 13, 2006

Online Gifted Conference & The Mislabeled Child - Monday Oct 16th

We will be leading an Online Gifted Conference: Gifted Children, Gifted-LD / 2E, and Stealth Dyslexia at this site on Monday. The conference is free and open to the public, but you must register before at Yahoo:

Some list members have already begun posting questions, but we won't post answers until Monday, and will be online "live" on 6:30-8 pm Pacific Standard time, Monday Oct 16th.

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  1. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Hello and thank you for the wonderful and incredibly important work you are both doing! I started my journey into the gifted world with my PG son who is now 10 and is a Young Scholar at the Davidson Institute. My experience with my dd who is 8, has brought me to you, as I think she is 2E. I could see my dd all over your article on "Stealth Dyslexia". It was the first thing in over a year that finally rang true -- especially how she can score in the superior range in reading comprehension yet struggle to write a paragraph, or solve a math word problem. The only consistent thing about her performance was it's inconsistency. Of course teachers tried to tell me she was ADD, not working to her potential, etc. All the while, she was drowning in how awful this made her feel and she became depressed to the point she didn't want to be alive at the end of the school year last June. We put her in therapy to help deal with all the anxiety and emotional damage, but we are finding being back in school this year has brought back all of those negative feelings b/c we still haven't solved the root problem. We have her working with a therapist from the GDC and we'd asked her for the name of a neuropsychologist in the L.A. area who works with gifted kids but she doesn't know of any! Of course we are at our wits end and desperately need to help our dd, do you recommend anyone in our area? I feel like we have her in therapy for the emotional toll this takes on her, we have a tutor for math that she struggles with but we can't seem to get her the help she needs for the REAL problem -- we are just treating the symptoms. What do you suggest?
    Incidently, I thought your article in The New Atlantis was right on and I have printed copies for dd's teacher and principal as well as the piece on stealth dyslexia but atlas, no one has the tools to help my daughter. We would very much appreciate any feedback/advice you have.
    (I couln't get my blogger log-in to work so I went Anonymous)