Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Men Have Greater General Intelligence?

At least on this latest review of the SAT, these Canadian researchers suggest so...

Using individual SAT subtest scores to estimate general cognitive ability, researchers found that 17-18 year old males averaged 3.63 IQ points higher than their female counterparts.

The authors also make this interesting observation:

"Age turns out to be an important factor for determining sex differences in IQ because the male advantage does not emerge until the late adolescent growth spurt when the brain size differences peak."

This study raises a number of issues, and in truth it can be critiqued from a number of perspectives, including the possibility of sampling error (e.g. boys and girls may differ in percent who choose the SAT because boys have better job prospects that don't require college, etc.). Nevertheless, because boys are more likely to drop out of school, the findings are interesting.

Boys are more likely to have late blooming brains...

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