Thursday, October 26, 2006

Eides at COVD Annual Meeting - Back Oct 30th - Link to Visual Processing Handouts

We're in Phoenix tonight and looking forward to the COVD meeting with Dr. Barry, Lindsay Biel, and all the behavioral optometrists tomorrow.

Here's a nearly final draft of the handouts for the COVD Visual Processing talk: here. It is in Adobe Acrobat pdf form. If you are in the Phoenix area and interested in the visual processing issues in children, you may want to come to our free and open-to-the-public talk (with Barry, Biel, Press) at the Squaw Pointe Hilton tomorrow. For more information about this, check out our Appearances link at here.

The talk surveys the visual input, pattern processing, output, and attention difficulties in children. It also includes a more technical discussion of the visual (and non-visual) aspects of dyslexia. This handout is a bit rough- we didn't have time to post the final before we left - but we'll try to get around to this when we get back.

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