Sunday, October 01, 2006

50% Failing Math and Science WASL in Washington State

We're not quite back yet, but for those interested, Washington State WASL scores are back. The OSPI site is here.

20 schools and 4 districts made it off "Needs Improvement" list, while 248 schools and 28 districts received word that they "Need Improvement."

In our "good" Edmonds School District (here), the results are dismal in Math & Science for 5th-10th graders (45-65% failing). This is particularly worrisome because these WASL tests don't test math or science knowledge, as much as mathematical or scientific reasoning or problem solving.


  1. Actually, 40% of the science WASL is content knowledge. The remainder of the test is 40% process and 20% application.

    The results are worrisome for a variety of reasons, most of them relating to things other than how the test is built. For example, there will be no alternative assessments (there is no such thing as a science disability according to the law). It's going to be a long hard road here in WA.

  2. I would like to assure you kindly that there are many science trained persons in my home country who are very happy to come to Washington state for high technology jobs. That will not be a problem.

  3. Hi malik, this is not a problem for you, but this is already becoming a problem for knowledge workers here in the U.S.

  4. I'm a parent of three kids in the Edmonds School District, they have great teachers but the administration is not to be trusted. They are a bureaucracy that is built to protect itself and maintain the status quo. I've been lied to and stalled for six years, I finally got the school psychologist to admit that they had been shining me on, they do not believe in "Dyslexia" and had no plans to ever treat my kids for this non-existent ailment. The most they do is call it a "Learning Disability", and they somehow think that extra effort is all that is needed to over-come it. They seem to have no curiosity as to how individuals learn, they're only concerned with the process and following it. The only staff member that I've meet that got it was a speech therapist but she left after the end of the first year.