Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Mislabeled Child - Looking Beyond Labels

The official publication date of our new book, The Mislabeled Child, is finally here! After years in preparation, it should now be on the shelves of your local or virtual bookstores.

To mark this occasion, we thought we'd take a moment to list a few of the reasons why we wrote this book:

--Because we were concerned by the prevailing tendency to diagnose children with learning and behavior problems simply on the basis of observed behaviors, without looking more deeply for the causes of those behaviors;

--Because we were concerned that excessive reliance on a few overly general behavioral labels like ADHD or autism spectrum disorders leads inevitably to the lumping together of too many dissimilar children, and to the tendency to slight the importance of the ways in which children differ from each other, in their patterns of development, experience, motivation, temperament, and brain wiring.

--Because we were concerned that a great deal of research suggesting ways to take advantage of the brain's natural plasticity and redundant circuitry to help children use their strengths to learn and develop more fully was being overlooked in the search for quick and easy "magic bullets."

--Because we were concerned by the fact that specific learning disabilities are woefully underrecognized in the school age population, and that even when recognized are often inadequately or inappropriately treated.

--Because we believed deeply that the parents and teachers on the frontlines of the educational process should be armed with a greater variety of practical tools and strategies for improving the retention and extending the cognitive abilities of their students.

--Because we realized that the evaluation and treatment of learning difficulties is an inherently interdisciplinary process, requiring collaboration between basic scientists, medical practitioners, educators, and therapists, and that all too often these groups have failed to speak to each other in ways each could understand.

If you, too, are concerned about these issues, and have the responsibility of caring for a child (or children) who is struggling with learning or behavioral challenges, then this book was written for you, and we hope and trust you will find it useful. If you are just starting to read through our book, please feel free to drop into our discussion forum, here: Mislabeled Child Forum.

We're just in the process of setting this forum up, but we hope it will be a valuable place to share experiences and insights, and to find help with parenting and teaching.

We've also added a Library of articles here: MislabeledChild.com Library.

If you're looking to purchase The Mislabeled Child, look here

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