Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Failure to Wait in ADHD - Depends More on Presence of Reward

Here's an interesting finding - contrary to the idea that children and teens with attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder have impaired impulse inhibition (that is, they can't check their impulses as easily as non-ADHD kids), researchers found that if the delay involved a strategic monetary reward (in game play), then they could inhibit response times just as well as controls.

The paradigm here involves game play involving a monetary reward, but since this, if anything, is a more complex variation of the GO-NO GO task, there may be something to this. The motivational aspects of kids diagnosed with ADHD haven't been explored very well, but this could explain some of the paradox of inattentive-hyperfocus behaviors.

Wouldn't it be crazy if we were using psychotropic medications to treat some children who just had strong motivation differences?

Ability to Wait and the Size of Reward: Age and ADHD pdf
Motivational Effects on Motor Timing in ADHD pdf
Eide Neurolearning Blog: Money, Motivation, ADHD, and the Brain

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