Thursday, July 27, 2006

Time for an Oil Check: More Fish Oil & Omega-3 FAs

Check out this excellent review of the status of essential omega-3 fatty acids in maternal and pediatric health. The authors are from the University of Alberta and it's published in the Journal of Perinatology

- over the last century 80% decline in intake of omega 3 fatty acids (breast milk)
- lower levels of omega-3 fatty acids correlate with preterm birth, pre-eclampsia, postpartum depression, lower IQ and mental processing scores of children, and higher risks of cerebral palsy
- the researchers conclude: omega-3 fatty acid intake be considered as a supplement during pregnancy and lactation, care should be taken that supplements are appropriately purified, non breast-fed preterm infants receive formulas supplemented with DHA (non breast-fed term infants may also benefit), and clinical practice guidlines be developed to help with nutritional guidance in prenatal care.

Time for an Oil Check Journal Perinatology pdf
American Heart Association Recommendations Re: Fish and Omega-3 Fatty Acids
EideNB: Fish Oil & Mood
Fish Oil, Reading, Spelling, ADHD

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