Monday, July 31, 2006

Business as Usual: Doctors Take Two Minutes to Diagnose and Treat Kids' Behavior Problems

In the latest Pediatrics journal, here's a look at business as usual in a busy University outpatient pediatrics practice (Nebraska):

Behavioral concerns were raised by parents at 1 in 5 of normal well-child visits. As a result, physicians seemed to take (on average) 2 minutes more with the child and parents (1 minute to diagnose and 1 minute to advise?).

40% of families left with a presciption for behavioral medication, but there was also a 2-fold difference between the two clinics in the rate that medications were prescribed. The clinic with a lower rate of medication prescribing seem to make up for the difference by referring to an on-site psychologist. No children were ever recommended for outside referrals.

One group (University of Colorado) has recently suggested that attention deficit disorders may be completely concordant with reading disabilities - so who is supposed to be making a diagnosis of dyslexia? Even more conservative estimates suggest co-morbidities run high...

Running Out of Time: Physician Management of Behavioral Health Concerns in Rural Pediatric pdf
U Colorado: Common Deficit in Attention Deficit and Reading Disorder?
ADHD Co-Morbidities

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