Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Visual Processing & Stereo Sue - New Yorker

Check out the June 19th New Yorker (unfortunately not available online, though small excerpt below) to read more about the experience of visual processing and perceptual deficits.

Problems of this type are quite common among children of premature birth, early deprivation histories (including international adoptees), or autism spectrum disorders. But there are all too few simply written accounts to help parents and teachers better understand what the children are going through.

Oliver Sacks' wonderfully written article relates the account from a retired pediatric ophthalmologist who suffered a stroke (originally published in Binocular Vision & Strabismus Quarterly): "I see items but I often don't recognize them: I have lost my physical localization memory...My office is a mess...Now that I have been reduced to a two-dimensional world I don't where anything is."

Stereo Sue Excerpt, Optometrists Network

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