Friday, June 23, 2006

Tired Brain

If you're tired, it seems harder to even listen. Well, now an fMRI study shows us it really may be harder to listen. Look below to see how chronically fatigued brains (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) have to work so much harder when doing a listening task. The controls are in the second row.

From purely a brain resource perspective, tiredness places extra demands on general attention and thinking in general.

Hey, it's Friday. Better get out there and rest!

fMRI Cognition in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome pdf
Impaired Cognitive Control with Mental Fatigue pdf
Chronic Fatigue in Kids & Teens
The Course of Chronic Fatigue in Children and Adolescents
How Much Sleep is Enough for My Child?

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  1. I clicked on your link in the blogroll of Fases da Lua, from Portugal. My son, almost fifteen, is extremely intelligent and quite spacy, on Addderol XR. I am a retired teacher. I wonder if his latest psy testing was even worse because of the length of testing time ( the scool district denied his LD diagnostic and his OHI one too. I'll be back. I believe it's all in biochemistry, you know?