Friday, May 12, 2006

Mother's Day Flashes from the Past: "Years later, we realized her marks were a ruse..."

When this mother discovered her two sons were failing at school, she astounded them by beginning a new policy- no more than two or 3 TV programs per week, and for each of them, two full books read and book reports written per week in addition to school work!

They couldn't believe it. Other parents criticized her for being too extreme. Still, she stood her ground. When the book reports were completed, she looked as though she were reviewing them carefully, making checks and highlighting certain sections; years later they would discover that the marks were all a ruse. She was illiterate. She wasn't able to read what they had written.

If you haven't heard Ben Carson's story, check out the link below or read his autobiography Gifted Hands. Because of his mother's indomitable spirit and positive, but demanding support and encouragement, Carson went on to discover that he was indeed a very smart and talented person. Today he's a chief of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins University.

So here's to all those encouraging, bold, and self-sacrificing Moms out there - through your example, you enrich the whole world. Have a Joyous Mother's Day!

Ben Carson and his Mom

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