Thursday, April 13, 2006

Sensory Classrooms, Sensory Workspaces

Isn't this interesting? Looks like sensory classrooms are being tried out in a research study with the Mayo Clinic. Excerpt: "anecdotally, Rynearson and Superintendent Jerry Williams say the fourth- and fifth-graders are more focused on the curriculum than their peers in a comparison group in an ordinary classroom. And there are fewer distractions than in the traditional setup -- where a lot of time is spent trying to get children to sit still."

Folks with sensory processing issues (particularly of the cerebellar type) often prefer to stand or bounce around a bit rather than sit in stationary chairs. Interestingly, we noticed a similar standing preference for a desk in a tour of Pixar workspaces...

Fidgeting in classroom may help students -

Tour of Pixar

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