Monday, March 06, 2006

Creative Class Parents Turning to Homeschooling

Check out this article in Business Week. The Internet has dramatically changed the educational options for homeschooling parents. For Creative Class / Knowledge Worker parents, this may mean more time with their kids, greater flexibility with travel, and individualized learning.

Excerpt:"...homeschooling is a growing trend among the educated elite. More parents believe that even the best-endowed schools are in an Old Economy death grip in which kids are learning passively when they should be learning actively, especially if they want an edge in the global knowledge economy. "A lot of families are looking at what's happening in public or private school and saying, 'You know what? I could do better, and I'd like to be a bigger part of my kid's life,"' says University of Illinois education professor Christopher Lubienski."

This might also really catch on with Generation Y parents. Because as a group they put a high priority on their family and personal lives, and they thrive on flexibility.

Teachers won't need to worry about their jobs, but the work options might change - the demand for good online teachers and tutors is hot now - perhaps some teachers may find it gives them more time with their own families, too.

Homeschooling Creative Class
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