Friday, February 17, 2006

Science, Math, and the American Competitiveness Initiative

At the link below, Time Magazine has more on the worry about the United States falling behind in science education.


"Unless things change, they will overtake us, and the breathtaking burst of discovery that has been driving our economy for the past half-century will be over."

In a formal assessment of the U.S.'s "eroding superiority in science and technology,"it outlined in detail just how bad the situation was in nearly every area of research and called for new government funding."

There's also a plan on the table to develop a National Mathematics Panel that would bring more research-based practices into the classroom.

TIME Magazine-- Are We Losing Our Edge?
LA Times American Competitiveness Initiative
National Proposal for Math - Education Week
Rising Above the Gathering Storm (NAP Report)
American Competitiveness Initiative at

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