Thursday, February 16, 2006

Flash from the Past: "He struggled academically..."

Check out this moving story of a PGA golf champion's dyslexia at the link below. How many other dyslexics never find their gifts? This account is from George Archer's wife.


"The synapses that were devoted to memory, logic and spatial reasoning were off the charts--he was brilliant in certain areas, but completely lost in others. He could remember the exact words someone had said to him years before, and he had an eerie recall for places he'd been and things he'd seen and heard. His sense of spatial relationships bordered on genius. That was one of the things that made George such a great putter. He could read long putts better than anyone in the game because of how his brain processed the topography of the greens. But there was something wrong with the part of his brain devoted to written language; despite years of effort, he never learned to read beyond a rudimentary level, and he never could write more than a few crude sentences. "

George Archer and Dyslexia:

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