Friday, February 17, 2006

Black Box Warning for Ritalin

The FDA has recommended a black box warning on stimulants.

Excerpt from the Time article linked below: "No where else in the world are 10% of 10 year-old boys diagnosed and treated for ADD," says FDA panel advisor Curt Furberg, a professor of public health at Wake Forest University, who voted in favor of the warning.

But the meeting took an unexpected turn when cardiologist Steven Nissen of the Cleveland Clinic made a motion for a black box warning. Dr. Nissen, who was among the early warners on the risks of the now-withdrawn arthritis drug Vioxx, was concerned that the 25 cases might be just the tip of an iceberg. "There's no mandatory reporting of these cases," he says. He notes that the stimulants in question are known to raise blood pressure and heart rate. "Raising blood pressure of a child or adult continuously over many years worries me," Nissen told TIME. "There is a linear relationship between increased blood pressure and adverse cardiovascular events."

Don't forget that Strattera has also been associated with risk: there's a black box warning about possible increased suicide risk in kids. Getting Hyper About Ritalin
Black Box Warning for Strattera

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