Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Kid Pick: Cool Reindeer Discovery

Our daughter wanted to share this cool reindeer discovery on the blog: after reading a magazine article suggesting that all of Santa's reindeer were female (normally male reindeer shed their antlers by November to mid-December (females keep their antlers until spring), she found this post at snopes.com:

"So, are Santa's reindeer really all female, even though some of them bear masculine names such as "Rudolph" and are often depicted with male personalities and voices? Well, it's not impossible that a male reindeer could retain his antlers as late as December 24, just not necessarily the norm. And that's not nearly as unusual as a fellow who lives at the North Pole, spends the year making toys for millions of children all over the world, and manages to deliver all of them in a single evening. If Santa could find a way to make reindeer fly, his coming up with a way to ensure the bulls kept their antlers until late December must have been a piece of cake."

Mystery solved?

* P.S. We'll be taking a vacation from the blog over the holidays, and will return with more interesting things to talk about December 28th. Have a terrific holiday season.

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