Monday, December 12, 2005

Flash from the Past: "He dropped out of school..."

"He dropped out of school at the age 16, not because of his income, but for his dislike in his studies. Later that year, he worked for a law office, but he didn't enjoy it." He wrote under the pen names of Jonathan Oldstyle and Diedrich Knickerbocker. A breakthrough in his writing career came with his comical History of New York that included a portrayal of Thomas Jefferson as "William the Testy."

Who was this? This was whimsical Washington Irving, the first professional writer in the United States, and man of many interests and talents that included architecture, landsacpe design, traveling, and diplomacy (HT: Scobleizer).

The entire book with its wonderful engravings and prose are scanned in (this can double as a Beauty Break!) and available to read in the Open Library.

Open Library: Sketch Book of Washington Irving
Washington Irving
More Washington Irving

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