Friday, December 02, 2005

Beauty Break: Snowflakes

We had a beautiful snowfall today. If you have kids, check out the Snowflake Bentley site below and make some paper snowflakes (very beautiful free templates below). Bentley was a farm boy who he fell in love with the beauty of snowflakes while a teen. Over the years, he perfected a technique of capturing the unique beauty of the crystals before they melted. His snowflake photographs are truly remarkable. It's from his work we get,"No two snowflakes are alike".

Snowflake Bentley
Snowflakes and Snow Crystals
Caldecott winner - Snowflake Bentley
Dave's Snowflake Paper Patterns


  1. Snowflakes are beautiful! Thanks! Blessings ~ Patricia

  2. That's a fun way for those of us in warm climates to enjoy the snow! I'll try to check this out for my children (and me)!

    My beauty blog is at

    See you there!

  3. Anonymous5:59 PM

    We just made "snowflakes" for our classroom!