Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Brain Break: Impulsivity Inhibition, Logic, and Paper Folding

Need a brain break? Play at the sites below to train your brain. You'll need Flash Player and Java for the third one. The first is like the a GO vs. NO-GO test for ADHD - react quickly, but with no false starts (HT: intelligencetesting.blogspot.com), the second has a few logic games, but I especially liked the visual memory game with moving blocks (one of the new free games) - it makes the spatial memory part a bit harder. The third is not really a game, but provides animations between 2D and 3D configurations.

If you're a real math-guy or math-girl, this may be too ho-hum. You might check out Combinatorial Games - Demaine) instead.

Sheep Go-No Go
Logic + Visual Memory

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