Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Working Parents: More Time for Family

There is an increasing trend toward working parents committing more tiem to their families. From this article at

"Gen-X dads (those between the ages of 22 and 37) have made the biggest adjustments to their approach to work and family life, spending an average of 1.2 hours more per workday with their children than before. Only 52 percent were interested in taking on more job responsibilities, compared to 68 percent in 1992 (when the survey was first done). More enlightened than their predecessors, they're also more liberal about gender roles, sharing duties with their partners and supporting their decision to work outside the home.

...Gen-X and Gen-Y workers may also have been influenced by their own experiences growing up. Raised by working moms and dads, they're more aware of what kids lose out on when parents are deeply engrossed in their careers, says Galinsky. Which isn't to say they're slackers: According to the study, Gen-X and Gen-Y employees have longer workdays than their Boomer counterparts did at their age. They're just more likely to work away from the office, either during their commute or at home after the kids are in bed..."

Working Parents Putting Families First
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