Thursday, October 06, 2005

Singapore HeyMath, Another Online Math Option

The original New York Times editorial about Singapore's latest online math option has now gone pay-per-view, but here is a teachers' blog with some excerpts.

A snippet: "Numerical skills are very important," she (Singaporean principal) told me, but "I am now also encouraging my students to be creative - and empowering my teachers. … We have been loosening up and allowing people to grow their own ideas."

She added, "We have shifted the emphasis from content alone to making use of the content" on the principle that "knowledge can be created in the classroom and doesn’t just have to come from the teacher."

The Hey Math site as it stands now is still quite sparse, but we demo'ed their math options (you have access to 5th-12 grade math 30 days free), and we like it. It is also endorsed by the the Millenium Mathematics Project at The University of Cambridge.

Computer-based options for math have a number of options that blackboard teaching doesn't - the possibility of endlessly reviewing steps, of seeing the flow of math relationships or problem solving through animations (motion imagery), and a lesser reliance on writing (can keyboard answers) for taking down information or problem solving.

The cost for homeschoolers is $50 per month, not cheap. For gifted students, this may allow them to accelerate through grades if desired, though. If you want to check out the software, you'll have to be patient. They seem to be swamped after the NYT article, but they answered us within a few days & gave us demo passwords.

Hey Math at Teachers Blog
Hey Math

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