Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Mislabeled Child

A quick update on our book-to-be: it's titled The Mislabeled Child, and it's due out August 2006. We now have a cover (see!). It's a practical guide for parents and professionals to help them recognize and foster their child's unique brain-based style of learning. The chapters are:

I. The Mislabeled Child
II. How To Get The Most From This Book
III. Gone in 60 Seconds: Memory Strengths and Weaknesses
IV. Overlooking the Obvious: Visual Problems in Children
V. What? Huh? Auditory Problems in Children
VI. The Communication Gap: Language Impairments
VII. Getting It All Together: Problems with Attention
VIII.Making the Right Connections: Autism and Autism-Like Disorders
IX. Mixed Messages: Sensory Processing Disorder
X. It's As Easy As ABC...OR As Hard: Dyslexia
XI. Handwriting and Handwringing: Dysgraphia
XII. When the Numbers Won't Add Up: Math Impairments
XIII.The Midas Touch: How Giftedness Can Cause Learning Challenges in Children


  1. Anonymous9:43 PM

    Any chance of getting previews? Reading the table of contents is just not enough!

  2. Totally agree. We'll see what we're allowed to leak. It's really up to the publisher.

    It's been extremely exciting seeing it come together.

    It's a very practical guide for understanding children's learning differences from the perspective of how children (and adults too) are wired differently. It has lots of suggestions for activities and strategies to help kid find their strengths and overcome challenges.

    We'll keep you posted. We only just got it accepted by the publisher, and we're just starting to hear specific information about the release. Apparently there will be an ebook option as well.