Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Ipod Reading - SB Sun

We came across this article using Ipods ($99) and recorded books in the classroom. Check out the link below for the full story. Reading along with books-on-tape or books-on-Ipod is an excellent passive way to improve fluency, phonology, and enlargen vocabulary.

"The widely publicized Shuffle is the latest alternative to books on tapes or compact discs. Since its arrival at Clement, pupils are finding it easier to tune in to the audio versions of books and stories...

The iPod also allows the pupil to learn the pronunciation of difficult words as they are read by actors, professional storytellers and sometimes by the author...Before the Shuffles were introduced into the classroom, Richard Pfeifer, 13, admitted English was not one of his favorite subjects, but since listening to the stories on a Shuffle, he likes it better.

``It adds more to the story and makes it more interesting,'' Richard said. ``Instead of reading the whole story, you can browse through it and listen to the whole story.''

It's a departure from the days of students reading a story silently or aloud in class.

``It's one person reading it, and I like that it is not just my teacher or us kids reading it,'' said Sara Archuleta, 12. ``I pay more attention.''

Reading on their own boosts some students' confidence.

``I am by myself reading it,'' said Harrison Fakas, 12. ``It is fun because you can hear the story without everyone else talking.''

Apple, which makes the iPod, has a list of lesson plans and ways to incorporate iPods into the classroom for various subjects. So far, only the English teachers have checked out the device...

All of the school's audio books are downloaded from The Web site features audible books, stories, newspapers and magazines. Textbooks might be available on the site in the future. "

IPod and Classroom Reading

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