Monday, September 05, 2005

Got Words? Vocabulary Links, Quizzes, Historical Linguistics

Language is fascinating to study because of its evolution over time. My mother's family grew up with standard English and Pidgin (dialect of Hawaiian with English, Japanese, and Portuguese rolled in), and from our extended family and academic wanderings, we are blessed with exposures to Swedish, Norwegian, and Chinese, as well as dialects from the Northeast, Midwest, and 'Valley' (California - surfer).

For those who love language, here are interesting language links:
Jabberwocky: There are no Such Things as Words
Tolkien Languages Site
Pidgin - Wikipedia
Nicaraguan children create new sign language

Also here are good Vocabulary Links and Lists:
These are good for challenged readers and reluctant writers who need to learn more words. The lists include the most frequent words in the English language and free quiz sites for things like vocabulary, adjectives, and word categories.

Vocabulary Lists and Quizzes
Word Groups
Vocabulary Quizzes

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