Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Net Gen: What Will the Future World of Work Be?

From Knowledge@Wharton: ""Something fundamentally big is happening that will profoundly affect the life of every person and every business over the next five to 15 years -- the collapsing of everything into one single, global, ubiquitous, collaborative virtual IT world.' ...

Teens are surging ahead of most educators in the uses of the virtual IT world, but couldn't they benefit by more discussion and analysis of these sociological changes?

(HT:Corante: Exploring the Future of Work)


  1. I'm not so convinced that 'teens' are surging ahead... your suggestion on the benefits of discussion about the social changes pertinant... Konrad Glogowski blog post Digital Pioneers is well worth looking at.

  2. Thanks for the link. Yes, surging is relative, isn't it. And the 'tech' questions that the Pew study was asking were pretty basic as well (e.g. Do you IM daily?).

    There's a lot of opportunity for development and education, that's for sure. Exchanging pictures through email is one thing, but making interactive websites is another.

    We're excited by the fact that technology has made visual communication much more accessible to students of all ages.