Friday, August 05, 2005

Flashes from the Past: He had "...become very lazy, often sleeping in school..."

"The other day I wanted to inspire my son, Peter, to work harder at school and win good reports from his masters, so I pulled out my own old school reports and invited him to inspect them. "Now look at this "—I said—"um— er well p'raps not that one." (In it Monsieur Buisson had said of me—"Fair—could behave better.") "Well then this No." (In it Mr. Doone recorded me as "Unsatisfactory " and my classical master as "taking very little interest in his work.")

Who was this slacker? This was Lord Robert Bade Powell, soldier, spy, and founder of the Scouting movement. Check out his biography below if you want to see disguised maps of military fortifications in his sketches of flora and fauna.

Baden-Powell. My Adventures as a Spy.

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