Friday, August 05, 2005

Controlling Emotions

Take a look at how your brain controls emotions - there appear to be different networks in your brain that help regulate feelings- cranking them up in anticipation of some sort of reward or turning your feelings down in response to a negative stimulus.

Brain activations differed depending on what strategies the test subjects used to adjust their emotional responsiveness (reappraising visually presented information - with regard to specific situation - like the nature of the event- or self - for instance, emotionally disconnecting oneself from the situation), reinforcing the idea that it is important to study the differences that different people take for fmri-related tasks or decisions before making strong conclusions about what scans show.

We often forget that cognitive control over emotions can be very effectively taught to our children. In fact these lessons may be among the most important lessons they learn.

Cognitive Control
Strategies and Emotional Control
Emotionally Coaching Children
Raising Resilient Kids

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