Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Flash from the Present: "A counselor told her parents she was not college material..."

A college counselor told her parents she was not college material, but her parents rejected that idea flat out. She was playing piano for family get-togethers at age 3 and she was raised in a 'stimulating environment' that included youth group, piano, ballet, French, flute, violin, speed reading, and church. Her parents were a pastor and a music teacher. She entered college at age 15 with the idea of being a concert pianist, but then on the competition circuit she met "11-year olds who could play from sight what had taken me all year to learn." She shocked her parents when she told them she was changing her major from music to political science. Her father said, "Black people don't make money in poligical science." She replied, "Music, either."

This gal went into a Masters program at 19, then after finishing, got a PhD in International Studies. At 26, she became an Assistant Professor at Stanford, and soon made full professor. At 38, she became provost of Stanford - the youngest, first non white, and first woman to hold the position. She balanced the $20 million budget deficit in 2 years. Can you guess?

This is Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of State and still a concert pianist- she gave a charity concert at the Kennedy Center last weekend to help out Tom Lantos' granddaughter, an opera singer recently diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension. That's a first for Secretary of State too.

Rice takes help ailing singer

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