Friday, June 03, 2005

Disappointing Trial with Phonomena

We just had an opportunity to try out the new software Phonomena, and we're sorry to say that it is disappointing. Apparently Mindweavers is interested in making adjustments in their program in the future, but in its current form we would not recommend it. There is no on-screen help for a child, no separation of games into manageable levels, and a loud and very irritating buzzer that will be difficult for many children to tolerate. If you miss a 'b' or 'd' sound, the programs blasts this grating sound at you. Apparently there's not even a way to turn it off? Are the folks at Phonomena aware that people with auditory discrimination problems may also have auditory hypersensitivities? We hope that Phonomena is able to make adjustments in their program because a low cost option to Fast Forword is very much needed. For now, though, Earobics might be the only option, but this program has its limitations as well. (Phonomena - if you're reading, we'd be happy to re-review your software if any changes are made to it).

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