Monday, May 16, 2005

Dutch Science Free & Activating Your Brain

Bravo to the Dutch scientific community. Against the objections of Dutch publishing giant Elsevier, academics in the Netherlands have banded together to publish all scientific work to the worldwide community on the Internet. All Dutch research is now available at: DAREnet. A similar movement was afoot in the U.S. (all taxpayers fund the research, why shouldn't the results be accessible to them?), but the NIH blinked and as a result, not most NIH-funded reports are not freely available to the public.

One of the Dutch reports (here) now freely available shows an fMRI of a 28 year-old controlling his cingulate cortex activation through brain-computer interface or bci. The cingulate, as you may remember, is an interesting area for its implication in ADHD, reward, motivation, and decision-making.

Very cool. What did this fellow use to 'activate' his brain? Apparently he found that thinking of winter landscapes, snowboarding, and social interactions turned his anterior cingulate 'on'.

For more on the ADHD and Reward pictures, check out Money, Motivation, ADHD, and the Brain.

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