Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Too Much TV Makes Kids Bullies

More reasons to turn off the TV and hang out with the kids. Based on a recent report from the University of Washington, 4 year olds who watch more TV a day are much more likely to be bullies. They were less likely to be bullies with good emotional support when young and regular play, reading, and outings with family members.

The TV-bully factor had been reported with older kids, but the surprising result was that it was also present in children this young.

In another link below, almost half of sixth graders surveyed reported being bullied at least once in the last five days. Bullied children were much more likely to report depression and other problems like frequent headaches and stomach aches.

TV Turns Kids into Bullies
Half of Kids Are Bullied, Study Suggests
Health News - Too Much Tube Time Can Turn Kids Into Bullies

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