Monday, April 11, 2005

Google Maps- Spatial Thinking Practice

Always getting lost? If so, then practice your route and spatial knowledge with Google Maps. Although we may all have the capacity to navigate in our surroundings with landmarks, route, and survey or aerial view information, some of us are a lot better at this than others. Besides being a fun site to visit, the Google maps site is a powerful resource for kids or adults to work on spatial orientation practice.

Many people who 'always seem to be getting lost' may rely too much on landmarks or routes. The main problem with this is that if you take a wrong turn, well.... you know the rest. The superiority of the survey / aerial / satellite view is that it provides an integrated picture of the whole area (i.e. not just the route). The resolution at Google Maps is stunning. You can pick out your house by putting in your address.

Google Sightseeing
Google Maps -Disneyland
Landmark, Route, and Survey in Navigation

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