Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Generation M: Report on Kids & Multimedia

Interesting reading - Some highlights:

TV or video console in the bedroom looks like a bad results in more TV watching or video game playing and less reading.

Heavy video game use does not mean less reading - in fact heavy game players seemed to read more and spend more time with their parents (see full report for details of this)- but there seem to be some mixed results. Children with the poorest grades, had the lowest times spent reading (no surprise), but also spent more time each day playing video games.

Other interesting info one-quarter of these kids reported that they often multi-tasked while using media (listening to music, watching TV, etc.), and girls preferred music (auditory), whereas boys preferred video games (visual, hands-on).

CBS News | Kids Today: Media Multitaskers
Study of Entertainment Media & the Internet - Kaiser Family Foundation

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