Thursday, April 14, 2005

Flashes from the Past: "Sickly as a child, he wasn't able to eat solid food until he was five years old..."

Sickly as a child, he wasn't able to eat solid food until he was five years old. Because of health problems, he was schooled at home, but that was also where he learned to play golf..." It was at the age of 6, he won his first tournament, at 9, he defeated a 16 year old to win the Atlanta Junior Title, and soon he was on his way to becoming the greatest champion golf had ever seen.

This was Bobby Jones who won the U.S. and British Open and amateur Championships all in the same year, and the first to win the Grand Slam in one year. Amazingly, he amassed this record while playing mo more than an average weekend golfer. He usually spent no more than three months of the year traveling to tournaments, and in the mean time obtained first class honors degrees in Law, English Literature, and Mechanical Engineering. He graduated from Georgia Tech and Harvard, and practiced as a lawyer after retiring.

Bobby Jones' story is a remarkable one, and it is also told pretty well in the recent movie Bobby Jones, Stroke of Genius. The neurological problems get only brief mention in the movie (it turned out to be syringomyelia, a spinal cord problem), but Jones' victory over perfectionism, intensity, and an 'explosive' temper on the golf course is told masterfully. BJ is an inspirational '2E' story. If you want to see Jones' legendary golf swing, one of the links below has it on video.

Bobby Jones
Movies: Bobby Jones, Stroke of Genius
Bobby Jones Golf Swing

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